Pay Attention To Your Dreams

Dreams are much more important than I believe most people realize.  They help the brain to process everything that happens to us, both good & bad, which helps to keep our sanity in tact.  Sometimes they also are a good problem solving technique, because you can dream about some scenario you never considered before about a problem you face in your waking life.  They also are a fantastic gauge for our mental health, which is what I want to focus on today. 

For many years, I had a recurring nightmare.  The details would change slightly but the theme was always the same.  I was an adult, but needed to repeat high school.  I also needed to rely on my mother to get me there, but she was running late &/or screaming at me, much as she did during my final year & a half of high school.  In the early days of the nightmare, I was in a blind panic because I was going to be late & had no choice.  I also would get to school to find out I had a test on something I hadn’t studied, couldn’t find my locker or some other unsettling scenario.  I also was embarrassed to be the only adult in high school classes.  I often woke up in a terrible panic from these nightmares.

As time went on, I began to work on my emotional healing, & as I did that, the dream changed.  Sometimes I wouldn’t care that I was running late, or I could find my locker.  Eventually I started to realize I had my own car & didn’t need to rely on anyone to take me to school.  Once that change took place, it wasn’t long before I realized I had already been through high school & had no need to repeat it.  Finally, the nightmares stopped altogether. 

At the time of this recurring nightmare, I started to work on my emotional healing.  I also learned about Narcissistic Personality Disorder & how to deal with my C-PTSD.  The more I learned & healed, the more the nightmare changed.  It also became much less frequent.  Eventually, the nightmare stopped altogether.  I don’t remember the last time I had it, but I do know it’s been years. 

As it was changing, I realized that it was a reflection of where I was in my healing journey.  The healthier I became, the more power I took back in my nightmare & the less upset I was when I woke up. 

Not everyone has recurring dreams or nightmares.  If you do, they are absolutely worth paying attention to.  I firmly believe they repeat because there is an important message in them.  Just look at mine as an example.  It showed me the state of my mental health.

Even if you don’t have recurring dreams or nightmares, the ones you do have are still important.  It’s wise to pay attention to them.  I sometimes know what my dreams are trying to tell me right away, but if not, I pray & ask God to show me.  I also look up everything I can think of in a dream dictionary, such as people, places, colors, objects, or numbers.  Any detail at all can be very helpful, no matter how small.  There are plenty of free dream dictionary websites online.  Usually after prayer, once I start looking things up in a dream dictionary, things start to make sense & I can figure out what the dream meant.

Also, there are plenty of dreams you will know you had, yet you don’t remember any details at all.  It may be just a vague feeling that you dreamed something about a particular subject.  Don’t worry about that.  Those dreams are normal.  They are simply the brain processing something.  It isn’t important enough for you to remember the details, so you don’t. 

A dream journal is also a really good idea.  At least write your dreams that you feel are important in your usual journal along with the date.  Looking back over your dreams can be an interesting & educational experience.



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10 responses to “Pay Attention To Your Dreams

  1. I just awoke from an interesting dream which included my mother, so this post is very timely! In your post, you mentioned your emotional healing. Can you tell me how you approached it? Was it just through counselling? What do you recommend for a Christian woman who is just beginning this journey?


    • Interesting timing huh? God truly works in mysterious ways! 🙂

      I actually haven’t done counseling to help me heal. I’ve had some very negative experiences with counselors (one was actually disbarred for failure to report child abuse). To get started, I highly recommend lots of prayer & journaling. Ask God to show you the root of the problem, too.. for example, if suddenly you get very anxious without an obvious reason like a job interview, ask Him to show you what the root of that is. You’ll probably remember something that you think isn’t really important, but it is. Think about it & how it made you feel. Then ask Him to tell you the truth about it.. were you right to feel however you did in that situation, is your current anxious state reasonable, anything else you can think of. This is loosely based on Craig Hill’s “The Ancient Paths” seminars & book a former friend of mine introduced me to.

      Be very careful about who you discuss your situation with too. So many people think Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a made up term by spoiled kids as a way to trash our parents. That’s how many in my family think. People who think that way or who think honoring your parents means you tolerate any & all abuse are dangerous in the early days of your healing. The more you heal though, the less dangerous they’ll be & before you know it, they will simply annoy you rather than really upset you.

      I have a FB group you may be interested in too.. it’s called Fans Of Cynthia Bailey-Rug. The members are lovely, supportive & understanding. it’s closely moderated too so any troublemakers are either warned or deleted & banned immediately, depending on their behavior. No pressure at all to join of course.. just making the offer! 🙂

      Also I’ve written books that may help you. Click on the link below… both non fiction & mini book categories have books that might help you.

      Books For Sale

      Hope I didn’t overwhelm you! ❤


  2. Want to hear something weird? I constantly had dreams about missing the bus to go to school. So I decided to go to school and finish my Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. When I finished, the dream went away. NOW I have dreams where I miss the bus for school but I have a car to get there. Although I have already graduated, I still go to this school and don’t know my classes but I go anyway. And I never know where my locker is. I want to get my Master’s but…money….


  3. I’ve had a similar dream where I am in college getting a second degree and stressed because I’m pretty sure I haven’t done enough to graduate but since I haven’t gotten any grades I don’t know how I know this, and anyway the administration and teachers are all acting as if all is fine. In the beginning I would wake up terrified but like you as time went by I realized I was grown up , graduated the first time and didn’t need to do it twice, etc. the last time I remember dreaming it all of a sudden I thought, oh , I’ve already settled all this, and I’ve never dreamed it again.


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