What Do You Think About This?

I’d like to ask your opinions.

I’ve been feeling a pull to learn about spiritual warfare & evil spirits recently. The little bit I’ve learned so far has been quite eye opening. I expect much more to be equally eye opening & informative.

So what I’d like your thoughts about is this.. would you like me to share what I learn in this blog? Why or why not? Please answer yes or no in the poll that follows, & if you have something to say beyond that, feel free to say so in the comments.

By the way.. if I do it (big if!), it wouldn’t mean I’m changing my writing to focus 100% on those topics. Narcissism & narcissistic abuse recovery still would be the main focus of my writing. I would just interject some of the other topics in periodically as I feel is right. Also, I schedule posts to publish months in advance, so chances are, unless I rearrange posts, you won’t see anything for a while if I do opt to post on these topics.

Also, saying no won’t offend/hurt me. If you would prefer not to read about this, it’s perfectly fine to say so. I plan on learning about these topics for myself no matter what. I just wanted to know if anyone is interested in me sharing what I learn, as I learn is all.

Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to answer my question & share your thoughts! ❤️



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10 responses to “What Do You Think About This?

  1. Go within dear soul and do what you’re drawn to do for there is always gravitas and merit in doing so. Perhaps not the answer you were looking for, then again perhaps it is for soul knows all 😳❤️🙏

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  2. Cynthia, I would love to hear your thoughts on other topics. You have a good mind and articulate your thoughts well. Keith

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  3. This sounds fascinating.


  4. William Mathieu

    Hello sister Cynthia😁. May I encourage you to answer and press forward in this calling you received. You and I know that this character (narc) is demonic. Follow the Spirit of our Lord in sincere search of spiritual truth concerning this and He will give it to you. The knowledge you will gain will be priceless and a blessing to those that reach out to you for understanding, and compassion. Let’s face it my friend, those you continue to help, came to you shattered, and you became their emotional nurse, yet what an opportunity to tell them in due time, what they really suffered from, and what the reality of this world really is. And as you as you mentioned many times in your posts “Yeshua” is way, the truth and the light. Don’t look to us to validate what your being called to do. That should only need come from God.
    Carry on faithful sister✝️🙏🕊️😊


    • Hello William!

      Thank you for your encouragement! I definitely plan to do just as you said. I was just not 100% sure about writing about it here. So many people think spiritual warfare is too “out there” & I didn’t want to chase people off my blog. I figured I’d see what everyone thinks & go from there. The encouragement to write about it has been really overwhelming! I should’ve expected that. I think most of my readers are more mature Christians who aren’t into getting “fluffy” words. They want the deeper things, which works for me! So looking forward to sharing with everyone!

      Thanks again for your encouragement! Have a wonderful day!


  5. ibikenyc

    Very curious 🙂 about what you find out!


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