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Get Your Passion Back

I realized many years ago, I didn’t know myself at all.  I’d been too busy trying to please others to get to know the person God made me to be.  So, I finally asked God who was I, & He shared some interesting things with me.

One of those things was that I’m a very passionate person in many ways.  That surprised me, because I act so subdued.  I used to be a little less restrained when I was younger, but the older I get, the less comfortable I am sharing with others or even letting loose & singing & dancing in my seat along with the radio as I drive like I once did.  I chalked that up to age & maturity, but I think there is way more to it.

No matter your experiences in life, good or bad, they affect you.  Unfortunately, some of us have experienced many bad things, & have been drastically affected by them.  Bad experiences can make you bitter, angry or withdrawn.  Mine have made me withdrawn.  My husband is the same way, & I think that somehow this made us do this even more.  We each saw the other one withdrawing, & did the same.  After all, if the other person doesn’t want to “be bothered” with my company, why should I try?  (Since we were both raised by narcissistic parents, we tend to take things personally that aren’t necessarily personal.  Old habits truly die hard, even when you know better.)

Although I’ve known this is a problem for a while, in all honesty, I’ve postponed dealing with it.  Today, a couple of songs came on that helped me remember that this is something I need to focus on.  The songs are:

Even if you aren’t a country music fan, I urge you to listen to them.  They describe exactly how I feel, & I’m sure many others as well.  Maybe even you.  Listening to these songs made me want my passion back.   I realize how robbed I feel, & it’s now really bothering me.

God showed me some ways to get my passion back quite some time ago & I am going to try to implement these steps in my life as often as possible.  I’m hoping what He showed me will help you as well.

I asked God to tell me who I really am.  Who did He make me to be?  Knowing how much I love animals, God told me to study the personality of a wolf, because that is what I’m truly like.  What I found was eye opening.  It described exactly the kind of person I’ve always admired.  Ask Him who you are- you may be very surprised as I was.

If God shows you, as He did me, that your personality is much like an animal, surround yourself with little reminders of that animal.  I have a lot of pictures of wolves in all moods on my tablet.  I have a wolf theme on my laptop.  I admire wolves on TV or in pictures or wherever I see them, letting the image remind me that this is the person God made me to be- like the elegant, strong, loyal, loving, wise wolf.

Dump your inhibitions!  Seriously, what good are they doing by making you squelch the person you are meant to be?  Ask God to help you do so.  When He puts it in your heart to step outside of your comfort zone, then do it.  It will help to build your self-confidence & also to shed inhibitions.

Pay attention to what you want to do.  Whether it is an interest, your career or a hobby, pay attention.  You will discover what lights a fire in you, & participating in it will feel simply amazing!

Practice self acceptance.  God made you the way you are for a reason.  Why reject it?  That is like telling God He doesn’t know what He’s doing, or he messed up for making you this way.  Ask Him to help you accept yourself & even love yourself for the person He made you to be.

I plan to listen to the above mentioned songs more & more often since music can be so inspiring.  I also feel inspired by other songs in other genres, so I’ll be listening to them more often too.  What inspires you to get your passion back?  Listen to the songs frequently or look at that painting or read that book.  Whatever it is, isn’t important so long as it inspires you.


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