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My Newest Venture

If you recall some time back I mentioned I wanted to focus more on enjoying life in my writing & putting that into practice in my own life. I have done something that will let me do just that.

I decided to make & sell homemade beauty products & perfumes. I used to do this years ago, before being an author took precedence in my life, but recently decided to get back into it, along with continuing to write of course.

Making these products is a lot of fun for me & a great creative outlet, but as one person, I can only use so much! That’s why I decided to sell these products. That gives me an excuse to do something I love. Bonus if I make some extra money at it.

The link to my new website is below. Check it out! ūüôā

Heaven Scent Creations


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Sharing Some Beauty

I have a thing about beauty.. I love it in all forms & surround myself with it as much as possible.  There is something so peaceful, comforting & calming about it to me, especially when it comes to beauty in nature.


A few days after my father died, I looked out my kitchen window.  I saw a couple of beautiful butterflies on the marigold plants in our backyard!  They not only brought me comfort due to their special meaning in my life, but they also were so beautiful they brought some peace & joy.


I thought I’d make today’s post a bit different than usual, & share the beauty with you, Dear Reader.¬† As I’ve said many times, we can’t focus on narcissism all the time- it’s too depressing.¬† Consider this a break from that depressing topic & take in the beauty that God has created.¬† ūüôā




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Adding Beauty Into Your Daily Life

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized something. ¬†I need beauty in my daily life in some way, shape or form. ¬†It helps to calm me, & bring me peace. ¬†It also makes me feel closer to God.


I save beautiful pictures, in particular fall or winter scenes, animal scenes & rain day scenes on my tablet, & regularly look at them.


Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, so what makes me feel this way may not do the same for you. ¬†Maybe instead of snowy mountain views, beach views bring you peace. ¬†Then I urge you to start collecting such images. ¬†Or, if you have a favorite artist, then save images of his or her artwork. ¬†I absolutely love Claude Monet’s & Vincent VanGogh’s paintings. ¬†I have saved pictures of their artwork as well. ¬†The serene images help to bring me peace of mind.


Beauty should be an important part of your life, too, Dear Reader. ¬†Surround yourself with whatever you find beautiful in your home. ¬†Paint your walls colors that you love. ¬†Hang pictures on your walls not to merely fill a blank space, but because you love seeing them daily. ¬†Replace old pictures with new & more beautiful, meaningful ones. ¬†Invest in a pretty headboard & linens for your bed. ¬†Don’t just collect any old knick-knacks. ¬†Instead collect beautiful things that have a special meaning to you.


Start to surround yourself with the beauty God has placed on the Earth! ¬†It will improve your mood. ¬†ūüôā

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Adding More Gratitude, Peace & Joy To Your Daily Life

One way I have learned to add more gratitude, peace & joy to my life is by focusing on beauty. ¬†It’s quite easy to do, too, since beauty is all around us! ¬†I have folders of beautiful images on my tablet. ¬†Flowers, beautiful homes, art, or anything that strikes my fancy. ¬†Looking at these lovely images helps me to feel more peaceful & happy. ¬†My anxiety levels go down, too. ¬†I even become more appreciative.


Why beauty has such a profound effect, I’m not sure, but I thoroughly enjoy it! ¬†Why don’t you give it a try as well? ¬†Start noticing the beauty around you. ¬†Look at the flowers in your garden. ¬†Really study them. ¬†Focus on the lovely colors & graceful curve of the leaves & petals. ¬†Animals are beautiful too- watch the graceful way a lion moves as he walks or listen to the haunting but beautiful sound of a wolf howl.



Museums are a wonderful place to take in some beauty. ¬†I’ve noticed that after seeing some stunning paintings by Claude Monet (my favorite painter) at the museum, I started appreciating other beautiful things more. ¬†I’ve never ¬†been a fan of modern art, but even so, after enjoying Monet’s paintings, I could see a beauty in it that I never saw before. ¬†It seems to me that once you start really appreciating beauty, you start to see it everywhere. ¬†At least I did.



One interesting place to find beauty is also old cemeteries.  I absolutely love them!  They are so full of history if you read the headstones, but there is also much beauty there as well.  Old headstones are often much more elaborate than modern day ones.  Westminster cemetery in Baltimore where Edgar Allan Poe is buried is an amazing place!









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You, Too, Can Be Broken Yet Beautiful

Many of you know this story I shared several months ago that explains my love of butterflies.  So keep it in mind as you read this post.

A couple of¬†weeks¬†ago, I was in my living room when I looked out the big window to see a lovely yellow swallowtail butterfly fluttering around the tall plants outside the window. ¬†Naturally it made me happy, as butterflies always remind me of my granddad, who I adore & still miss even though he’s been gone for 12 years now. ¬†I kept watching the butterfly & realized something looked different. ¬†I took a bunch of pictures from inside the house (was afraid if I went outside, it’d spook him away) & in the pictures, I could see the butterfly had a damaged wing. ¬†A few more pictures revealed the other wing was also very damaged. ¬†I was stunned! ¬†The butterfly flew so much like any other butterfly, it was hard to notice there was a problem. ¬†And, I realized that this butterfly was just as beautiful as his counterparts whose wings were whole. ¬†Actually, to me, he was even more beautiful since he carried on in spite of his injuries.

I’ve been thinking of this butterfly off & on since that day. ¬†Butterflies inspire me, as you can tell. ¬†In fact, I created The Butterfly Project¬†as a result of the inspiration. ¬†(Please check it out. ¬†I believe it will bless you.)

That butterfly was such a wonderful reminder that in spite of damage, one can still be beautiful.  This turned my mind to other victims of maternal narcissism.  So many of us feel ugly because we were told we were ugly.  Ugly inside & out.  That is not the truth though!  The only ugly person is the one who abuses other people, especially her own child.  You are not ugly, Dear Reader, in any way!  Your narcissistic mother was dead wrong about that!

Also, the butterfly with the damaged wings was still able to function. ¬†Yes, he flew a little differently than others, but different doesn’t equal bad. ¬†The same thing goes for you, Dear Reader. ¬†You may be a bit different because of having survived narcissistic abuse, but that doesn’t mean you are bad. ¬†It simply means that you, like that butterfly, survived something that was meant to destroy you.

Here are some pictures of my precious butterfly visitor that day for you to enjoy…


 IMG_73164  IMG_7313

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