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September 6, 2013 – 2

Good afternoon, Dear Readers!

I just thought I would let you know I made some changes to this blog today.. I added various categories to make posts easier to find. I hope you enjoy the changes. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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December 13, 2012

Good morning, Dear Readers!

I just wanted to let you know that I am changing my website host company.  I’ve done it before, & frankly, I stink at the transfer process.  There is a reason God made me a writer instead of a webmaster!  Website things baffle me like few other things.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about this, because in the next few days, my site may vanish for a little while, then reappear.  Hopefully that time won’t last long.  The website still will be at:




Also, my blog will not be affected, & neither will my online bookstore which can be found at:


I also am thinking of taking a few days away from the blog.  Been a rough couple of days, & need some down time to regroup.

Thank you for your patience, Dear Readers.  I love you & am praying for you.  🙂  God bless you!

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