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“To Thine Own Self, Be True” (from Shakespear’s “Hamlet”)

I had the most incredible dream last night, & I wanted to share the valuable lesson learned from it. ¬†ūüôā

I dreamed that I saw my car parked in front of my parents’ home. ¬†I was a few feet away. ¬†My car is a lovely dark green with a matching vinyl top, but in the dream, she was painted (very poorly I might add!) white on the sides & yellow on the top, hood & trunk. ¬†Somehow I knew my mother had done this. ¬†I was horrified upon seeing this, wondering how was I going to afford the high price of having her repainted green. ¬†I simply said, “God, what am I going to do?” ¬†It suddenly started to rain a bit. ¬†A nice steady rain. ¬†The paint started washing off my car!! ¬†Most of it came off easily but there were a few spots that I had to scrape at with my thumbnail. ¬†Before I knew it, there was my ’69 Plymouth, all beautiful & green again! ¬†In fact, she looked better than ever, now that I think of it…

I woke from this dream a bit shaken, since my car means the world to me. ¬†She once was my Granddad’s car, then my dad’s. ¬†Dad sold her in 1979 to a junkyard, & in 2005, I found her! ¬†Wasn’t looking, but apparently God decided I needed a big blessing, & being a car lover, blessed me with my favorite car of my Granddad’s. ¬†So anyway, dreams where this car is messed with in any way shake me up pretty badly.

Later, I decided to figure out what this dream meant, so I asked God & immediately, He gave me my answer.

Cars represent your life in dreams. ¬†White & yellow are colors representing purity, ¬†innocence, joy, positivity. ¬†Rain represents cleansing. ¬†In the context of this dream, this all translates to this: ¬†growing up with a narcissistic mother, she did her level best to change me into what she wanted me to be. ¬†In fact, still tries to do this even though I am now 43 years old. ¬†My mother likes to present herself as a wholesome, wonderful person. ¬†She wants me¬†to act more like her, like what she likes, dislike what she dislikes, etc. ¬†That is why in the dream she painted my car those particular colors, to make me more like her. ¬†The rain was a result of me allowing God to wash away what others have done to make me into what they think I should be (my mother isn’t the only one who has tried to change me, but she is where the problem started). ¬†Me scraping off the little bits of paint that remained represented me doing my part, cooperating with God, to get the person He made me to be back.

Isn’t that fascinating?

Since many of you who read my blog, website & books are also children of narcissistic mothers, I pray this encourages you as it has me.

Narcissists try to change their children, friends, relatives & basically anyone into what they think that person should be. ¬†I believe it is especially painful for children, because as children, we are so starved for our parents’ love & approval, we’ll do anything they want us to do. ¬†This also sets the stage early in life for you to believe you must please other people, even at the expense of losing yourself- changing your likes, dislikes, beliefs, how you dress, how you act & more. ¬†It’s not right! ¬†No one should have to change so much of themselves just to be in a relationship with another person! ¬†If you do feel you have to change to be in a relationship with someone, maybe ¬†it is time to reconsider being in that relationship. ¬†At the very least, it’s time to consider getting you back & being the person God made you to be!

How do you get “you” back??

  1. To start with, stop listening right now to what others say you should do, like, how you should feel or think. ¬†Their opinions really aren’t important! ¬†Of course you want those you love to have good opinions of you, but if they disagree with some things about you, that is perfectly ok! ¬†No one can be pleased 100% of the time. ¬†If they try to make you feel bad for not pleasing them, that is a big red flag saying this person isn’t safe.
  2. Ask God to help you.  Ask Him to show you who He made you to be, to have the courage to become that person & to help you shed the person you became only to please others.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone. ¬†Try things that pique your interest that you never had the nerve or opportunity to try before. ¬†You may discover a new passion, or at the least, will start to learn what you like & don’t like for yourself rather than what others have told you that you should like or not like.
  4. Try different clothing. ¬†I know this sounds silly, but your clothing affects your mood. ¬†Buy clothes that make you feel good when you’re wearing them. ¬†Better to have 2 outfits you like than 10 you hate because someone else wants you to wear them!

At first, these things can feel kind of weird & hard to do, but I can tell you, they get easier with practice. ¬†I’m trying them myself, & have off & on for a few years now. ¬†From my experience, the hardest thing to do is stay focused on doing things for yourself like this. ¬†It’s so easy to slip back into the old, dysfunctional habits! ¬†That is what happened to me- this dream made me realize that. ¬†To avoid conflict with my husband, I’ve even gone as far as¬†hiding the symptoms of my C-PTSD from him no matter how hard it is on me. ¬†This dream made me really see how bad it’s been, & how it has to stop right now.

Be good & true to yourself, Dear Readers! ¬†You are so worth it! ¬†I pray that God will help you if you are struggling in this area. ¬†‚̧

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January 30, 2013

Good morning, Dear Readers!  I hope this post finds you well.

I’m sorry for not posting lately- I’m still recovering from the last breakdown I mentioned in my last post. ¬†I’m much better, but still recovering. ¬†Just taking it as easy as possible & being good to myself.

I have been having very interesting dreams lately, & I believe God is showing me things through those dreams. ¬†Since I don’t think I’ve ever discussed dreams before, I thought I’d mention that they really are important! ¬†Please pay attention to yours! ¬†Remember Joseph in the Bible? ¬†(His story is in the book of Genesis, around chapters 37-42, I think) . ¬†Dreams were a very important part of his life. There is also Acts 2:17 that says, “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:”

Unfortunately, I’m not gifted with the ability to interpret dreams. ¬†But, I have found a really good website on the topic- http://www.DreamMoods.com ¬†I use it often to help me figure out my dreams. ¬†I read what the site says about my dreams, & ask God for help understanding what the dreams mean. ¬†It really works! ¬†I highly recommend that you do the same. ¬†Dreams can give us great insight, & I believe are a gift from God.

Also, before signing off, I wanted to say thank you to the fans who have recently emailed me to let me know my writing has helped them in some way. ¬†Thank you- your kind words mean the world to me! ¬†That is why I write, too- to help people. ¬†Knowing what I’ve written has helped someone is the most fulfilling feeling in the world to me. ¬†ūüôā

Have a great day, & may God richly bless you! 

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