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Yesterday Was A Weird Day!

Truly weird. Can’t sugar coat it.  lol

So, I took my father to the doctor.   All went well & fast too.  We were in the car, ready to go home before I knew it.  Then he told me not to start his car.  Uh oh.. well, long story short, he told me what an amazing woman I am.  Wow!!  I cried.   It was very sweet.

Dealing with my mother was another story.   I banged my knee on her car & she couldn’t have cared less.  Although not surprising,  it still hurt.  She didn’t listen to a word I said all day either.   Again, not surprising but it hurt.

Later, my parents’ skittish cat suddenly decided to trust me.  After 5 years.  It was awesome!!!!  I love cats, & have always loved winning over feral ones or ones with trust issues.  It’s so rewarding.

Amazing the huge ups & downs in a relationship with a narcissistic mother.  Yet, I’m still glad I didn’t go no contact.  A lot of very positive things are happening, amongst the bad.

I’m not preaching against no contact here by any means.   I know it’s the only solution in many situations.  I’m only sharing my experiences because I know many of you who read my work either are unable or unwilling to cut ties with your narcissistic mother.  I want you to know I understand,  & I hope my experiences can help you.  ❤


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