The Lucifer Complex

Source: The Lucifer Complex


This article is fascinating & disturbing.  I thought for quite some time that narcissism is demonic in nature.  Remember what Lucifer said before he fell?  Things like he would be greater than God.  I didn’t delve as deeply into the subject as this author has.  He explains it very well!


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4 responses to “The Lucifer Complex

  1. radhikabanhatti

    Great article. I so much agree with this. Thanks for sharing I did not know about Lucifer or Lucifer complex.

    What a synchronicity. I just finished making a video and post today on whether a narcissist knows what they are doing and I kind of speak of the same thing but not from a Biblical point of view. I do feel like NPD people move from light to dark / goodness to evil / God to Devil / knowledge to ignorance – so ultimately it aligns tightly with the Lucifer blog post. And yes, I also feel like the narc starts feeling like he is the ‘Creator’ or ‘God’ because they do plan and create a lot of destruction and chaos around them (which they think is creation because of the twisted nature of their mind).

    It’s great to see that we are all coming to similar types of conclusions in our own way!


  2. lynettedavis

    Cynthia, Thank you for sharing this post. I’ve long aligned narcissists with “evil spirits in heavenly places.” Our battles are in the spiritual realm. I believe once more victims grasp this concept, many people will excelerate in their healing journeys.

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