Narcissists & Gift Giving


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2 responses to “Narcissists & Gift Giving

  1. I’ve had the experience with both my narc brother and mother where they bought me Christmas gifts hoping that I wouldn’t want them and would give them back to them. They would literally say things like, “You probably have one of these, and if you do, I could use it” or “Do you like those types of pajama pants, because if you don’t, I just love them.” I would say, “Oh yeah, these lanterns are great, and I do already have one, so if you want to keep it that’s fine” – that sort of thing. Because I was single, I would buy for all the other’s spouses and children and get only one or two gifts in return. And here I was giving even those back. I slowly caught on to what they were doing. I know only buy for the children under 18. And if I’m given a gift, I keep it! Even if I end up donating it later.


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