About Non-Apologies


**I have NO idea why, but this video turned out with a black screen rather than like the normal videos.  The audio works just fine though.  I apologize for any inconvenience!**


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4 responses to “About Non-Apologies

  1. I played the video all the way through. All I saw was a blank screen. The audio worked, however, so I did get to hear everything you said.


    • One of the ladies in my group said that too & I saw the same thing. NO idea what happened! The video turned out fine when I made it & uploaded without incident. *shrug* I’m leaving it as is since the audio is ok- that’s the important part. I also don’t feel like remaking it- I really dislike making these videos.. lol

      Sorry about this though!

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      • No problem. I appreciate all that you do on your blog. I hope you have a blessed day.

        My day is weird so far. Overcast, windy and cold. We are supposed to have snow tonight and lows in the 20s. Which is very strange, because yesterday was sunny with highs in the mid 70s, and the week before we had 4 days in the 90s. New Mexico weather is never boring!


        • Thank you so very much!

          I’m glad you commented, by the way.. I forgot to add a message about the video glitch like I wanted to til you said that. So thank you! Hopefully this won’t happen again.. strange as it is.

          Oh wow! No kidding about the weather! I hope you enjoy your day too, weird weather aside.. lol

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