The Body, Abuse & Trauma

The human body is an amazing creation.  It is capable of a myriad of incredible things.  It can heal from even serious injuries.  The brain can even create ways to cope to get us through even unimaginable trauma.


When the brain does this, it needs to deal with that trauma at a later date, once the event is over.  If it doesn’t the body may rebel.


Years ago, I spoke with a lady who worked on a prayer hotline.  She mentioned that she believed many health problems were indeed caused by emotional ones.  People who repress anger often have kidney problems, & women with menstrual or fertility problems often had mothers who criticized their femininity.  It’s also a common thing for those with PTSD to have lower back pain without a physical cause.


I firmly believe this is the case, although I hadn’t thought of it in years.   I only thought of it because something happened to me.


(Sorry in advance for too much information.)  I’ve been on birth control for a long time, & it prevents me from getting a monthly period.  Suddenly out of the blue, I got a period.  Interestingly, it started on May 5, which was the 1 year “anniversary” of the big fight I had with my parents.  I felt really bad, so I didn’t even notice this until 2 days later.  Once I did, I asked God for help, please show me what’s going on!  He reminded me of how things were when I was growing up.  My periods were very painful, yet my mother said it was no big deal & refused to take me to a doctor.   For that matter, she wouldn’t even let me have so much as an asprin to help with the pain.  I also thought about how I rarely saw a doctor & saw the dentist I believe twice in my entire upbringing.  In fact, when I had the chicken pox, I had a very bad case that lasted 2 weeks.  My mother complained about having cabin fever the whole time.  About halfway into it, she insisted my parents & I go out to dinner, even though I felt horrible.  And, my father said & did nothing about any of this.


As I thought about this, it made me angry for the first time.  Growing up, this was simply my normal, so it didn’t make me angry.  My illnesses & injuries were treated as an inconvenience to my parents, not as a source of concern.  I prayed a lot & wrote in my journal to cope with this new anger.  Both were tremendously helpful not only to my emotional health but physical too.  As soon as God showed me what was happening & I worked with Him to heal, the period immediately stopped & I felt a thousand times better!


It’s not easy for me to write about such personal things, but I felt it was important to share this with you, Dear Reader.  If you are suffering with a physical problem, there may be an emotional reason for it.  I encourage you to pray.  Ask God to show you what is the root of this problem?  Is it due to past trauma or abuse?  What is the truth in this situation?  And, don’t forget to ask Him to help you to deal with it.  Facing ugly things isn’t easy, & you need God’s help doing so if you’re going to heal.


The mind/body connection is very real, Dear Reader.  Don’t underestimate it!


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4 responses to “The Body, Abuse & Trauma

  1. Sarah Godfrey

    Dear Cynthia

    Thank you for your post.

    Years ago, a friend introduced me to the author Louise Hay and I read her book ‘You can heal your life’. At the time, I wasn’t aware of anything particularly wrong with my life – my friend had ME and was interested in spirituality and New Age healing.

    This book lists physical symptoms and associated mental/emotional problems that might be causing them. If you’ve not read it you might find it interesting (I can’t remember too much about it, just the listing of symptoms, so if there is anything hurtful or triggering I apologise).

    Best wishes



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  2. Angela

    I had the same thing – long, heavy periods and a mother who refused to take me to the doctor. I had a hysterectomy aged 38. Not something you would think of connecting to your mother’s behavior.
    As a child I had a painful verruca on my foot which my mother wouldn’t take me to the doctor for. Then one Sunday we were walking to church, and she crossly told me to walk properly. I told her I couldn’t, and reminded her that she was refusing to take me to the doctor. I finally got an appointment, but only because it was affecting the way she looked, walking along with a child obviously in pain.


    • No, it’s not something you’d think of connecting to your mother’s behavior at all, but it is connected. I’ve known of many women with awful menstrual problems who also had abusive, narcissistic mothers. Many had hysterectomies or at the very least had trouble getting pregnant. It’s really bizarre!

      How nice of your mother to take you to the doctor, huh? Unbelievable how these “mothers” treat their children. I’m sorry you experienced that Angela!


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