Dysfunctional Ways Narcissists Cope- Reinventing The Past



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3 responses to “Dysfunctional Ways Narcissists Cope- Reinventing The Past

  1. My NM has always idolized her father. But I saw him as cold and unloving. And her mother, my grandmother, was the only person in my world, as I grew up, who was kind to me. Yet my mother never spoke a good or positive word about her mother and didn’t seem to be affected by her illness and death. To this day I don’t know why this is. And she openly boasts about what a great family she has yet criticizes and gossips about us. This dichotomy between what she says and what she does is crazy-making. And it’s so dishonest.


    • Going to hazard a guess here her father abused her.. do you know if he did? One thing I’ve noticed is narcissists sometimes idolize their abusive parent or whoever abused them. My mother has- brags about how wonderful the relationship was with her mother. It’s like if they say what a good person that person was or how much that person loved them, the abuse didn’t happen.

      It could also be this thing I’ve noticed how often female narcissists have to brag about how much men love them. Whether it’s the men in their family or strangers, men always notice them, according to them anyway.

      Not sure if any of this fits your situation.. just some thoughts I’m throwing out there

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      • There are some hints, things I’ve heard and observed, that could indicate he abused her. But I couldn’t say that for sure. He died relatively young, in his mid-sixties, so I only knew him as a child.

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