My New & Improved Websites!

After a couple of months of struggling & attempting to drive myself crazy, my new websites are now live!!

I’m going to guess there are still some bugs in there because I never seem to make a website without a bug or two once it goes live, but I’m working on fixing any & all bugs as soon as I’m aware of them.  Please bear with me!

I added a lot of information about NPD to my site as well as other things such as some pictures.  I enjoy photography even though I’m not particularly good at it, so I thought why not add some pictures?  Beauty is always a nice distraction from NPD anyway…

Come check out my site at

Don’t forget my companion website,


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8 responses to “My New & Improved Websites!

  1. ibikenyc

    YAY! At last! Congratulations!
    I don’t know why you feel you’re “not particularly good” at photography; that photo of the butterfly with the flawed wing was GORGEOUS!


    • Thanks so much!!

      Wasn’t it gorgeous?! That is because my dear friend gave me a wonderful camera. I took the pic through my living room window! I was afraid going outside would scare the little one away.

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      • ibikenyc

        You are very welcome!

        I remember your talking about that before; maybe in a different post? I think that makes it even MORE terrific: Even through a window it was beautiful!

        (What’s a “sea friend”?)


        • That’s true.. 🙂 & it turned into the perfect inspiration for The Butterfly Project!

          Sea friend is when autocorrect changes dear friend apparently. UGH!! Just corrected it. I hate autocorrect!! lol

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          • ibikenyc

            OMG! I never thought of auto-correct; LOLOLOLOL!

            Well, now I know.

            (I, too, hate it and turn it off whenever possible.)


            • LOL It can be amusing sometimes at least..

              How do you turn it off?! I didn’t know that was an option! I need to do this so I stop sending weird messages! LOL I once texted hubby something about “taping my mistress”. I don’t know what I originally was saying but pretty sure it had nothing to do with tape & a mistress… where the heck did that come from?! I think autocorrect has a drinking problem… lol

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              • ibikenyc

                Taping your mistress! ROFLMAO! WHEW! BOY, that’s funny!

                I’m not sure that every software allows you to turn it off. I just put “turn off autocorrect” into google and got a load of stuff about how to turn it off in one’s phone, so that might help you. (I am one of the ten remaining people on the planet without a smartphone.)

                I know I somehow disabled it in gmail; maybe it was called “spelling suggestions.” It was very distracting and driving me BAT@#$%.


                • LOL Yep, taping my mistress.. thanks for that one autocorrect. I was in a hurry when typing the text & thanks to autocorrect “fixing” it, it took twice as long to type. What a timesaver! LOL

                  I’ll have to do that.. thanks for the tip. I’m with you on it being distracting & driving you bat ^&*(. It definitely fits that bill!!

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