God’s Love For You

On this day ten years ago, I was blessed with one of God’s best gifts. My car. Maybe that sounds odd, so just read on- it will make sense.

My granddad had a beautiful 1969 Plymouth Fury when I was born in 1971. Four years later, my father’s car was stolen, & Granddad gave my father this car. In 1979, my father sold the car to a junkyard because he didn’t want to replace the failing transmission & rear end.

In 2005, my father was in the hospital. One Saturday morning, I woke up early, & couldn’t go back to sleep. It was too early for visiting hours, so I suggested to my husband we go to the local flea market, then the hospital.

Once we arrived, I saw a beautiful car at the other end of the parking lot. A green 1969 Fury that looked identical to my granddad’s. My husband suggested I leave a note on the car, saying I’d like to buy it if the seller was interested in selling. I’d never done anything like that before, but decided why not.

The seller did want to sell! He called me two days later. My husband & I met up with him to look at the car better, & decided to buy it. Unfortunately we were refinancing our mortgage so our money was tied up. Thankfully the seller was understanding & patient.

November 23, 2005, I was able to get the car. It was a wonderful day, but things got even better…

My father came by one day to see the car. He said it was his car. I thought he had to be mistaken but he was adamant. Shortly after, he showed back up at my home with an old log book where he had written down maintenance records on some of his cars. He had torn out the pages on the Fury after getting rid of the car, but he had missed the page with the VIN on it. We compared it to the VIN on my Fury, & they were identical! I couldn’t believe it- my car was also Granddad’s car! It was (& still is) a miracle to me that this car is back in my family after 26 years. And, not just any car- my favorite car that either my granddad or my father had. I’ve always loved cars, & there was always something special to me about this one.

I’m telling you this story today, Dear Reader, not only because I love sharing it, but hopefully to inspire you. God is capable of great miracles. All things are possible with God.

God is also very well aware of your deepest desires, even if you aren’t aware of them. I had no idea how much I would love having this car, but God knew & sent her to me. Driving this car is one of the greatest pleasures in my life, & I had no idea until God arranged for me to have her.

God can do the same for you. He can grant you a special blessing too amazing for you to comprehend! Ask Him to bless you! You aren’t being greedy or selfish- you are simply asking Him to do something He wants to do. You will be amazed at what happens!


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5 responses to “God’s Love For You

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  2. holly b

    that is so very wonderful for you, and Amazing!

    but sadly God doesnt bless me. nevermind desires, no, He does not even help me with my very basic needs in order to survive~ like food, shelter, heat, shoes and underware, a bed and place to sleep, safe clean water….
    then….. other not so urgent but important things like transportation, companionship, going to church, having Christian fellowship, being baptised….have not been since becoming a Christian in 1972!!!, no godly authority over me as a pastor, nevermind a mate, not having Communion in the Lords Supper, not being able to use/develope my gifts and talents he gave me to serve him, decent clothes, grooming, electricity because it will be shut off after April …i cannot afford, no TV, radio, sometimes no phone, no vacuum cleaner, no clothes dryer, not even a clothesline, no kitchen sink…. it needs repair, no heat because not maintained and the duct ventilation system is rusted , mold and bacteria from wet basement, the ‘homeowner’ is the narcissist abuser older sibling and im lucky to be living here in my family home after losing my apt, then housing assistance and benefits due to this abusers manipulations, then i was lucky to spend a year being with and taking care of my mother and housework and kitty before she died …..though i cooked and made her meals i was not allowed to eat the food. i often had to buy her food as the abuser also abused her and withholding is constant, as to me now, also threats many acted on, constant lying, promising then NEVER following through, (why do i always fall for it), theft of all my provision, personal property, car left to me by father as well, all assets from parents, and recent monetary gift i needed to use paying high bills here or repairs and for a computer, etc, and money to move on, but i havent seen a cent and she has been going on vacations and purchased expensive luxury vehicle while her md son took my fathers car on me, i’ve never been invited to any holidays, am not told any news of family, lied about , slandered to everyone, told nobody likes me, says im crazy, makes fun of my appearance after shes stolen any $ means i had for clothes or grooming, my mail has been stolen, gaslighting tactics that sorry no never fell for, leaving water running outside so id have high water bill, etcetcetc. all the manipulations and tactics have had one goal to gain total control over me and to destroy me by very sick means as were her threats, and attempted last year but failed however you know they do not give up has great power and influence over all ‘her people’, including local police so there i cannot report anything…
    the sweet kitty is dying because i have no money for vet due to high bills here and she stole my pet carrier. she gives gifts to everyone just to ‘win’ them and make them think she is so good and kind, and she tells them how much she wants to “help me” but that im crazy and impossible. no one knows now that my mother is gone how eveil she was since birth. caused my parents to hate each other and then to hate me when i was born, would steal everything i had then too, when my parents fought she would keep it escalated and pulled butcher knives from drawer and wield around threatening to use it and even would come close to cut herself to terrorise us. always would go into screaming rages while biting her clenched fists. controlled my father and “worshipped” him, abused and hated my mother. was extremely vain, conceited, and constantly looked in mirror, jealous hated always my talents , intelligence, independence, creativity….. and now will stop at nothing to eliminate me as she did my mother, and all the tactics planned for years to gain this much control through keeping me isolated…. all so no one will know that i am NOT as she has lied, keep me from having anyone to help, or to see/ hear what she is really like concerning her abuse when she comes around or to help me get free

    i desperately need help before she gets rid of me, as i will not play her games, willingly let her gain control, accept her stupid arguing moot conversation she attempts to manipulate me with, she hates my resourcefulness, independence, creative ability, awareness of her evil and tactics and idiocy, and sick flawed character.
    no one believes me alone like this, please


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  4. I have experienced this on getting old dolls that I would have loved to have had in my childhood. One of the “new” ones is so identical to one I had and which I gave away some 35-40 years ago. I am not sure but it could be the same one. At least for me it is just as good as the original.


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