New Book Idea- Elderly Narcissists

Recently I was involved in a discussion about how little information there is available for those with elderly narcissistic parents, including caring for them.  It gave me an idea- write a book on the topic.


I have already started writing an outline & have some ideas.  But, I’d like to hear from you, Dear Reader.  I don’t want to miss anything on this topic.  If there is any topic you’d like explored or if you have stories to include, please let me know.  I won’t divulge your name to protect your privacy.  You can comment on this post or email me privately at


Thank you!  I look forward to hearing from you!  x0xo


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10 responses to “New Book Idea- Elderly Narcissists

  1. Cindy

    My dad subscribes to that old saying,”When you’re old,you can say anything you want.” I’ve never understood that,or at least his version of it.He thinks it’s ok to say whatever he wants,even,if it hurts someone’s feelings.
    I’ve no idea how to deal with that one


    • That is so wrong. There’s no free pass to be a jerk when you reach a certain age. Don’t recall seeing it in the Bible do you?! Sheesh…

      One thing I’ve done with my mother when she says especially nasty stuff is to get sarcastic. Like, she hates the fact I have 2 tattoos & once went on a tirade about how people with tattoos are all “dirty”. I said, “Gee, thank you. My two tattoos & I thank you for sharing your ridiculous opinion that makes no sense. That is awesome you felt that I needed to hear this crap.” That was the last time she ever commented on the tattoos. lol Not sure if it works on more topics, but I’d think it would because it makes the narcissist feel bad about themselves & we know they’ll do anything to avoid that. You know your dad best though- do you think he’d respond the same way if you said something like that?


      • Cindy

        That’s an excellent way to deal with it! I’ve no idea…he has a bad memory,so easily forgets whatever anyone says.He’ll be 84 this year.It’s worth a try, though,Thanks for sharing that 🙂


        • Does he have dementia or just normal aging bad memory?

          You’re welcome! Hope it helps! I’ve learned asking God for creative ways to cope ends up with Him giving some truly creative & down right fun ideas.. lol


          • Cindy

            I’m not sure.He recalls things incorrectly,and is even convinced I cussed my orthodontist,which I never did.I’m sure of that.I don’t know what to think


            • :/ That’s unsettling. Has he ever had any type of brain injury? Concussion? My father had a terrible TBI at 15 which left him with symptoms his entire life. Before the Alzheimer’s diagnosis, pne of his symptoms was his memory being messed up & it sounds just like your father’s. That’s why I’m asking. It’s hard to deal with.

              Or, narcissists like to reinvent things… that is a possibility too. My mother does that. She has a great memory but changes the past to suit her


              • Cindy

                No injury that I know of..he and my mom did get into a car accident in the 50’s,and he hit his tooth on the steering wheel,and has a gold cap on it.That’s how they capped teeth back then.But no tbi,that I know of.
                I suspect it’s more reinventing..does your mom truly believe what she reinvents? My dad seems convinced.Lord help me if we all make it to heaven someday…I am going to love to see his face when he finds out that never happened.LOL


                • That car accident could’ve caused a brain injury- it doesn’t have to be a direct hit to the head to cause concussion, but it’s certainly no guarantee.

                  My mother works hard to believe what she reinvents. I can see it on her face. Does your dad do that? Gets this look like, “This is how it went down, daggone it!!! Believe it!!!”

                  LOL It should be interesting huh?


                  • Cindy

                    Thanks,I didn’t know that.
                    I can’t tell…my dad is very hard to read.
                    It should be! LOL!


                    • Concussion basically means your brain was rattled around in your head. If you hit your head on some place, it can rattle it around. Imagine an egg in a jar. Shake the jar & the egg can break. Granted, the brain won’t necessarily fall apart like that egg, but it will hit the sides of the skull which can cause a concussion. It’s disturbing how easy it can be to get a concussion.

                      Ugh.. I hear ya. Some people are so hard to read, especially narcissists because they put on such a show.

                      It really should! lol


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