Unconventional Grief After Narcissistic Abuse


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9 responses to “Unconventional Grief After Narcissistic Abuse

  1. So true! I grieved for two years over losing my marriage… while I was still married to my husband! So when it came time to ask him to leave and go through the divorce process I found myself much less grief-stricken than I had expected. I came to the same conclusion you did – I had already done my grieving!

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  2. Cece Perez

    I suffered NPD abuse from my mother. I thought I had grieved that relationship 30 years ago with 5 years of counseling after my son was born. Now she’s dying of colon cancer and I’m grieving and crying again.


    • I’m so sorry!

      if it’s any comfort, I understand. From my experience plus those of others who have also lost narcissistic parents that about anything can be expected to happen. When my father died in 2017, I barely cried because I grieved him so much while he was alive. Yet when my mother died in 2019, I was devastated. I’ve spoken with others who were glad their narcissistic parent died, felt nothing & others who were devastated. Narcissistic parents create incredibly unusual circumstances in the lives of their children. When they die or are dying, it’s only natural that our grief will be unusual too.


  3. ibikenyc

    This explains a lot about what I experienced when my mother and, to a lesser degree, father died.

    It’s encouraging to consider that it’ll be the same once I’m physically gone from my current “relationship.”


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