For Those Who Have Lost Pets

I have debated quite a bit about sharing this post since it’s so unusual, but feel like it may be a good thing to share. I hope it encourages others who have lost their beloved pets.

Years ago, I wrote a book called, “Pawprints On Our Hearts”. I wrote it after realizing just how much my wonderful pets have taught me over the years. Losing them also has been a learning experience for me. Mostly it taught me they still love us & think of us even after passing on.

Some of you know, we lost one of our cats in the early hours on June 24. Fergus was just under 4 years old & healthy. He had spent much of his final day chasing his favorite laser pointer, in fact. His sudden & unexpected death came as a total shock to all of us.

Losing a beloved pet is always a huge struggle for me. My pets are my kids, & are more family to me than my human family. Somehow, losing Fergus was even harder than usual. So hard, I couldn’t even face his death at first because it hurt too much. For someone like me who believes in facing pain head on to deal with it, that is highly unusual & confusing. To cope, I did a lot of praying as I was able to.

Last week, I couldn’t stop crying one evening & in the midst of that, God told me some wonderful things.

Fergus always knew somehow that he wouldn’t have a long life. That is why he was so passionate & playful- he wanted to enjoy every possible moment of whatever time he had.

Also, he died of a stroke as I suspected. I was confused at first, because my late snowshoe girl, Jasmine, had her first stroke at 13 yet survived with minimal problems. God told me that Fergus’ stroke was different. He would have been paralyzed if he survived, so God felt it kinder to take him rather than let him live in a state that would’ve made Fergus miserable. I had to agree.

God also said Fergus is happy & playing lots. He also loves me, but is worried about me being so sad he’s gone. God told him this is what happens with humans when we lose someone we love. It’s normal & it will get better in time.

This was a lot to absorb, so I asked God to give me a sign if it was true. I was listening to music shuffling on my cell phone at the time. The song that came on immediately after asking for a sign was Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” & I knew in my heart, this was my sign. Fergus was very flamboyant, passionate, caring, intelligent & loving. This song is one of my favorites by Queen. It was written by the guitarist for the lead singer when he was dying. The lead singer, upon thinking about it, was quite similar to Fergus.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I hope to offer you comfort if you too have lost a beloved pet. Animals have souls, just like people. When they die, their souls move on just like people’s do. They also love deeply, & death doesn’t change that.

If you’re missing your beloved furbaby, then please, turn to God. He can & will be glad to give you what you need to help you cope. I have experienced that repeatedly! Fergus isn’t the first one of my cats to have a special song. Far from it! Jasmine’s is, “Angel” by Aerosmith. Georgie’s is, “Angel Eyes” by Steelheart. Vincent’s is “Someday We’ll Be Together” by the Supremes. There are others as well, but I don’t want to bore you with the long list. Anyway each time God told me that my loved ones wanted me to know about a special song, healing started. He may do the same for you or He may do something else to help you start to heal. Whatever happens, it will be what God knows will help you more than anything. It’ll bring you comfort & peace knowing that one day, you’ll see your sweet little furbaby again. In the meanwhile, God is caring for that little one.

And, just because I love showing off my furkids, here’s Fergus. Yes, that tail is orange tabby striped. No, it doesn’t look like it belongs on a white kitty. We are reasonably sure it held magical powers because everyone who saw Fergus fell in love with him.. lol


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14 responses to “For Those Who Have Lost Pets

  1. I agree, pets are family. I went thru it myself last year, as we lost 2 of our beloved cats, Jack who was 20 died in Oct 2019 and we lost Leo, who was only 12, in Feb 2020. We still have Angel, who is also 12, and she even still misses her buddies, especially Leo as they grew up together. I went through a really hard time when they died, and still miss them.

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  2. Aww, Cynthia. I’m so sorry about your loss. I didn’t know. Fergus is a beautiful kitty. I won’t say ‘was’, because I believe he still is beautiful, in heaven.

    Some people don’t believe that our pets go to heaven. But I have read several books about people who had documented near death experiences, even some who were pronounced dead and covered with a sheet and taken to the morgue, before they miraculously came back to life. Some of them report that while they were in heaven, they saw their deceased pets there.

    One such story was particularly amazing. A man had a near death experience in a bad car accident. He was revived in the ambulance, if I remember correctly. During his brief trip to heaven, he saw his brother, which made sense, because his brother had died several years prior to this. But what didn’t make sense was that on his brother’s shoulder, was their pet parrot. It didn’t make sense, because their parrot was still at home, alive.

    That is, the guy who had the near death during the car accident, knew that their pet parrot was alive when he left the house that morning, prior to his car accident. But after he fully recovered and was sent home from the hospital, he learned the truth — that his parrot had died on the morning of his car wreck, shortly before the accident happened. He had no way of knowing that his parrot was actually dead, when he saw his pet in heavenl

    I wish I could remember which book I read that story in, but I have read so many, the title of the book escapes me. Still, I was so encouraged by that story, because clearly he wasn’t just having a vivid dream when he was clinically dead, you know? It wouldn’t make sense for him to dream that his parrot was in heaven, when he thought it was still alive back at his house, where he had seen it right before he left on his road trip.

    We have several beloved pets in heaven. How wonderful it will be to cuddle them and run and play with them again! ❤❤❤❤❤

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    • Thank you so much. He truly is beautiful, inside & out. He could be such a sweet little guy! Yet such a stinker too.. lol

      That story about the parrot.. WOW! Isn’t that amazing?! What an incredible story! I firmly believe it, too. God loves animals a great deal as is clearly shown in the Bible, so why wouldn’t He allow them into Heaven?

      Not long after my father died I had a dream that I believed he wanted me to have… my gut feeling is he asked God to let me have this dream. In it, I was looking at some birds eating seeds off a tall bush when I noticed one of those birds was one of the parakeets I had when growing up! It was so reassuring, my little buddy is there! 🙂

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  3. Cindy Smith

    Those are cute little feet too 🙂


  4. We, too, have lost furbabies. Thank you for this consolation. I, also, like this verse from Scripture:

    “And the wolf will dwell with the lamb,
    And the leopard will lie down with the young goat,
    And the calf and the young lion and the fatling together;
    And a little boy will lead them” (Isaiah 11: 6).

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  5. Thank you so much Cynthia for writing this! It meant so much to me. I’ve lost a few cats who I consider them as my children and it felt like it ripped my heart out of my chest. One of them past away during the first 8 days of 2011 and after I told my Mother what happened, she told me she had a dream that night going into the early morning that he had passed, she seen our cat and the words “happy’’ appeared in her dream. She didn’t know what happened until I broke the news to her. I know it was God that gave her the dream, and I know it was him who gave you the dream about your cute kitty Fergus. One of these days we will have our precious fur children back with us and it will be permanent. We must tell ourselves that the separation is only temporary until The Almighty Jehovah calls us home! Again thank you so much for writing this because it’s definitely needed and it really touched me…God bless you!


    • Oh wow! What an incredible dream your mom had! God definitely sent that! What a gift!

      Yes, we’ll be with them again one day for good! What a glorious day that will be, too!

      Thank you so much for your kind comment! ❤


  6. ibikenyc

    I also don’t recall your mentioning Fergus at the time. How sad for you. I am so sorry.

    What a cutie pie! Oh, that tail!

    Something that has helped me with the loss of Maya:

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    • I don’t know if I mentioned it or not. I feel like I’ve been on autopilot since he passed, & no doubt have forgotten plenty of things.

      Thank you. ❤

      He really was adorable! That tail was just magical! It has the ability to lure in anyone who sees it! 🙂

      That picture is just precious.. so absolutely precious. Thank you for sharing it!

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